15 April 2021

Biko Wesa is a Kenyan photographer currently working in Kilifi, Kenya, mainly focusing on cultural heritage. Owing his photography knowledge to the various workshops and residencies he’s attended such as Transcultural Perspectives in Arts and Arts Education, World Press Photo Masterclass, Photographer’s Master Class by Goethe-Institut Johannesburg & Simon Njami, New York Times Portfolio Review, Canon Miraisha Program, and many more. His work has been exhibited in Kenya’s National Museum, University of Liverpool – UK, The Museum of Drug Policy – New York, USA, Photoville New York, USA, Lumix Festival – Hannover, Germany, International Photo Festival – Leiden, Holland among others. He has been commissioned by various publications and organisations such as Wired Japan, Axis Japan, and World Vision International. He is currently working on a long-term project; Rabai, researching his family’s history and the history of Christianisation in East Africa focusing on the first church edifice that was built in 1846 by the missionaries welcomed to Rabai, his native land, by their community elders.