Tambuala Nga Omuganda
25 May 2021

“Tambuala nga omuganda” literally translates to “Walk like a Muganda”. It is the Ganda way of self-identification to introduce oneself and share your ancestry. You literally walk through your ancestry on your father’s side as the Baganda are a patrilineal people. It is typically cited in a particular way during traditional functions or before one addresses gatherings. – Anita Ntale

I took the literal meaning of the phrase to try and walk among them. This series is a travelogue of my trip to Uganda in 2020 right before the world stood still due to the Covid-19 pandemic and countries closed their borders. It was my first time in the country thanks to a friend, Anita Ntale, who had commissioned me to photograph her father’s conservation and farm project, Kijiko, named after its location.

I spent so much time with her father, Mr. Charles Lwanga Ntale, an educator who welcomed and took me through his project and country’s heritage with so much passion. Walking like a Muganda, I prepared this series to take you through my experience.